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It was necessary to radically shift from yearly, physical media to realtime, on-demand and dynamic data available everywhere, by everyone.

Available today, HIFLD Open – public access to over 250 datasets as dynamic web services as well as up-to-date downloadable files and visualization tools for users to explore and use these data assets.

When the Fort to Port Improvement Organization arranged to produce a batch of buttons promoting construction of a U. 24 expressway several decades ago, Sue Westendorf squirreled away several dozen of them to pass around the day the road was finished. "I don't want to take them home -- we don't need them anymore," Ms.

Westendorf, the retired director of the Henry County Chamber of Commerce, said cheerfully while handing out "Support Fort to Port 24" buttons to anyone who would take them before and after a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new road's east end. Westendorf was among about 200 area dignitaries, past and present, who gathered atop the flyover bridge that carries the new U. 24 over the old one's westbound lanes just outside Waterville to celebrate the culmination of a half-century of planning and, in some cases, controversy. 24 became known for gruesome head-on collisions, often involving motorists who either strayed across the center line or made ill-advised attempts to pass one or more of the tractor-trailers that plied the highway around the clock. 24, possibly with passing lanes several miles long as Michigan has done on some highways.

That’s right – on June 10th 2017, the 4th annual Open Tuning festival will once again resonate on the porches, garages and local businesses throughout Seaton Village – Toronto’s coolest downtown neighbourhood.Andrew wrote the book on Neogeography, is a charter member of the OSGeo and Open Web foundations, has contributed to several open data standards, and other publications regarding geospatial business, community collaboration, feedback control system design, and even home automation.His education includes degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science.We have an opportunity to be an Open Society, from citizen neighborhood watch, to city law enforcement, state agencies, businesses, and community groups.This large step into the Open by the DHS is also setting a precedent to other governments across the Federal, State, and Local levels to also make more data freely accessible.

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