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They're good for a laugh, but typically one-note gags, with little substance beyond the ridiculous premise. The intro movie alone justifies the existence of this game, but let's face it - we've all been longing for a dating sim that lets us court Idris Elba and Charlie Day in the Shatterdome cafeteria. can be finished in 15 minutes or less, ends on one heck of a cliffhanger, and its download link sadly seems to be lost to time.

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Which I guess can be a good thing, but it can be a really, really, bad thing.

How can someone commit to one person when there’s so many people out there?

Now you have 2,700 sites in the US alone and millions of men and/or women to go through?

The gods have decreed Earth shall be destroyed because true love no longer exists.

Evian, the Goddess of Love, is still in our corner, and to prove the other gods wrong she has descended to Earth to find true love.

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    is a free app for Android that belongs to the category Social, and has been developed by Global Personals Media, LLC. View full description Meet Locals - Dating made fun!

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    We would have waited til this weekend to hike except for two things – snow is predicted AND the trees and bushes are turning color so fast that we might have missed it had we waited. Until very recently, I didn’t consider dating after being divorced and before receiving an annulment to be wrong.