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Therefore, only a small fraction of these reels have significant collector value.

The reels listed below are rarely listed beyond the range of -, and the value is highly dependent on condition.

Hendryx also invented a method of constructing reel spools (the 1888 patent), spool bearings, gear supports, other fastening devices, the first commercially available automatic clutch for freeing a reel spool, and a number of other improvements.

Because so many Hendryx reels were produced, dating them is difficult and requires careful attention to the markings, including the line-capacity stampings on the bottoms of the reels.

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Prince and Reed screws have crossed slots similar to those on Phillips-head screws.Its first reel featured the overly complex level wind patented by William Shakespeare, Jr., in 1897 (See Photo Gallery 1 on this site for an example).Later, however, the company acquired the rights to the 1907 level wind patented by Walter Marhoff, which was simpler and which eventually inspired most of the level-winding designs used by most of the other major manufacturers. Reels made after 1931 were marked with a two-letter date code, e.g, "Model HK," and it is those coded reels that fall into the category discussed here.Cheaper versions of such were fastened together without screws.Slightly better versions employed screws and somewhat thicker brass.

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