Carbon dating system accuracy

Since about 1955, thermonuclear tests have added considerably to the C14 atmospheric reservoir.This C14 is 'artificial' or 'bomb' C14, produced because nuclear bombs produce a huge thermal neutron flux.

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The lake, in this case, has a different radiocarbon reservoir than that of the majority of the radiocarbon in the biosphere and therefore an accurate radiocarbon age requires that a correction be made to account for it.In order to ascertain the ages of samples which were formed in equilibrium with different reservoirs to these materials, it is necessary to provide an age correction.Implicit in the Conventional Radiocarbon Age BP is the fact that it is not adjusted for this correction.The volcanic effect has a limited distance however. (1980) found that at 200 m away from the source, plants yielded an age in agreement with that expected.They suggested that the influence of depleted CO2 declined rapidly with increasing distance from the source.

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