As in the DAP Form we have to give our cadre preferences. However when I decided to go for civil services I started reading them.

Reference Books For UPSC Civil Services Mains 2014 (New Pattern Syllabus) For UPSC mains one need to supplement their every day Newspaper (The Hindu) reading with certain books to have a deep insight over varied topics that are now part of the new syllabus.

According to you which english dictionary is useful for CSE preparation that gives succinct meaning in simple language which will be a long term guide.

Some countries do not want to part with their legacies so they retain monarchy within a democratic set-up. Why there is no uniformity in appointment of IAS offices: some states has less number of IAS officer compared to state officers while other states have many IAS officer compared to state officers?

But when you go looking for these pans on e Bay and in antique malls, you'll soon find they are almost always overpriced and expensive.

Many people across the country, and around the world, have one or more of these "unmarked" pans.

Note several differences, first the shape of the handle – a slightly rounded elongated handle that runs the width of the corn stick pan.

I sat in my car and thanked God for what I have in my life and for always providing.

and from whose prespective i should look at this topics from WHOLE WORLD or from INDIAN point of view only.

They should be ‘studied’ actually free live adult wap chat no registration. 🙂 For Pape on Ethics, honestly nobody knows how it will be. 🙂 It is only for convenience invigilators give same set of papers in both sessions. manish Sir, Below are the topics for main General Studies -I (I just took history topics).

When one does self study, he/she is prone to periodical demotiavtion, lack of focus and waywardness – all because of poor planning and improper guidance. 🙂 manish Rupesh Dahal sir Is it possible to crack this exam without joining any coaching institute……as no such thing is available here in Sikkim have to leave my job and go to delhi. Shweta Hi, I am in love with your work which acts like a beacon of light for serious aspirants.

UPSC doesn’t worry what set you have answered as long as it is reflected in OMR. My mother is a homemaker so, in that case I will be able to make use of the reservation benefit.

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