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This is my first experiment, I don’t know if the system will technically work well, I don’t know what the worker response will be like, and so I’m pretty nervous.

On top of all that, meeting new people is the #1 thing that terrifies me, which is one reason I wanted to do this project and one reason why I felt like I really wanted to vomit on my walk over.

During a series of dates with new people I meet on the internet, I will stream the interaction to the web using an i Phone app.

Turk workers will be paid to watch the stream, interpret what is happening, and offer feedback as to what I should do or say next.

I had set the system to notify me when the average leave response was 0.75, but I realized it was easiest for workers to choose leave or stay as they didn’t require a fill in the blank.

To even things out, I think I will require an explanation for these choices.

I wonder what to do if I’m pushed further, is this wrong?

I think of the times in the past when I have kissed a guy without really thinking or wanting to, and decide at least in this case I have honestly chosen to give up my agency and act based on the decisions of the workers, and in this way I’m not being false. “Back”, thank god, and I am walking home completely unsure of what to feel.

A few “advance”‘s later and we are talking about past relationships. Too quickly, another “advance” comes and I say how about that walk.View the turk log » I set up my MTurk task as usual, and head to a dive bar for our date.The options are extended further this time, giving the workers more ways to control me.This feedback will be communicated to me via text message.I meet him on the internet, he says, let’s cut to the chase and just meet up, and I am all about that.

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