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We've always had a strong connection to all things feminine and natural.

As its the materials, the processing and most importantly the woman and girl, which have to feel at home in the design.

What’s in the package: – BBQ at the finish – Full sticker pack for your car are including Road Attack logo’s and our sponsor stickers – Team packs with route, lanyards and wristbands – A lot of fun and new friends for life!

Make you car unique, this will result in a lot of pictures or attention during the Rally. Some of you might want to stay there for a night, after the Barbeque. YOU CAN SUBMIT BY THIS LINK Road Attack Rally 2018 – Sumer Edition Alps 4 Day rally, drive, party’s and BBQ Date: 30 June till 3 July (4 days! The Route will be: Maastricht (start) – Basel – Innsbruck (Austria) – Garda (Italy) – Monte Carlo (Monaco) Important dates: 30 June registration ( – ) in Maastricht.

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You are free to add you own stickers or sponsors near the standard sticker package. The Rally is not based on speed, but on driving experience and a lot of fun. One Day rally, drive and BBQ on 2 September 2017 The route Arnhem Eifel (Germany) Luxembourg Ardennes (Belgium) What Car do you need to join… We recommend a sporty car, supercar or something special. Materials with tactile surfaces that awaken your senses.Important elements of our bohemian signature also include inspiration from all kinds of cultures over many decades and slow craft - both traditional and modern processing techniques that take time. For us, good design craftsmanship is about always leaving a trace of intricacy and care. Interior design made at Noa Noa's own workshops and used to make each shop unique.

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