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i recommend making one if you are handy enough to do so but the biggest disadvantage i have found is it's size. It really helps with the reception and continued use.I have begun work on a batch of three which will have a white lacquer with rainbow metallic flake finishes because the prototype was so well received.My eyes fixated on yours with that sly seductive smirk of mine luring you deeper and deeper into my mind, body, and soul.This is what Alyssa dishes up with every call you order.

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mine has an omega shaped metal clip that holds any suction based dildo and also allows the angle of the dildo to be adjusted but i need to work on the stroke length.

I chose a beefed up upholstery over what the plans call for, just because I wanted it to be a luxurious ride. We'd suggest putting a tarp under it though KNOWNFEAR - Nice Rocker! Yours looks much simpler and a lot less complex to construct, plus the thrust action still looks properly angled - vs some I have seen on here / online. They DO more than once - try their damndest to Disclose - This IS a Project - Not a DIY Beginnner project - It WILL take time... YOUR testimonial Post suggests - ALL 3 are indeed true! I would love to make contact with you - just to have a guide with experience? Not sure WHEN I'll get started -and I am in Canada, but I look forward to the Project!

Not sure yet - but might even have a buddy (with MORE skill & experience) who wants to make one as well for his bride!

I've got about a hundred bucks in it including the vac-u-lock base and dildo.

The project was neither as cheap of a simple as some might have you believe, but the finished product is superb.

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