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KB172 PR3 - General Applications What are the most common applications for the PR3?

1) Stand alone Sound FX programmer As a bench tool the PR3 is the first USB and second device designed by Digitrax for the programming of the Sound FX sound decoder.

The procedure we document in the following pages is for Windows XP, if you have Windows Vista®, Windows 2000®, or ...

KB118 PR3 - Connecting to UP5 Can the PR3 be connected to the "third" Loco Net port on the side of the UP5, or must it be connected to one of the ports on the rear of the UP5?

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PR3 probably cannot be connected to the side Loco Net jack of the UP5.

The documentation for the UP5 includes this phrase: "There is an additional jack on the side of the UP5 that can be used for either an additional throttle or for a single Loco Net device that does not use Rail Sync." KB173 PR3 - Operating as a Loco Net Terminator Just wondering if i can get clarification regarding using the PR3 as a standalone Loconet Terminator.

In this mode the PR3 can program the configuration variables of most DCC decoders and the sound effects of the Digitrax Sound FX sound decoders. KB170 PR3 - Computer Requirement Update Will the PR3 and Sound Loader software work on systems with specifications other than those listed in the PR3 manual?

The beta testers have reported that the PR3 with Sound Loader software, Digi Mon software, and IPL software have been found to work on many desktop and laptop computers running Windows 2000 and Windows XP with Processors as slow as 450mhz, Ram memory as little as 128mb, and USB 1.1 Ports.

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