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What better way to rid yourself of stress and anxiety than by thumping a huge leather bag (or a buddy that’s gone to the boxing gym with you)?

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Video If you have an interest already and fancy telling people more about it, maybe you could start a website or blog up about it.

Let’s be honest, they’re probably just going to think you watched The Mark of Zorro one too many times. Video You’ll need a high starting fitness level for this.

We’re talking about marathon races, triathlons, weird obstacle races, iron mans, those weird running through mud things… But the feeling of individual achievement on completing one is pretty hard to beat.

Hey, if you tried and enjoyed darts, why not get involved with darts for the big boys. Shooting an arrow from a bow is fun, requires skill, accuracy, concentration, and makes you feel like you’re in an old western. But there’s definitely something satisfying about learning to shoot and improving your aim.

Going to the gym is a very popular hobby for a lot of guys, and on the off chance you’ve never tried working out – you should give it a go.

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