May i convert to catholocism while dating a married man

And things that a couple agrees on and can’t imagine feeling suddenly become very important and real in their lives after children start growing in the home. I don’t know that doing nothing to prevent one parent from raising them catholic can fulfill the require to help raise them catholic, kwim? Assuming the same situation (one person is a believer, the other a nonbeliever), and also assuming that both agree to raise the children in the Church (or at least the nonbeliever support the other in this), how strongly would you caution against such a marriage?Are there some other considerations other than what you mentioned?And we were two kids in high school, daydreaming about marriage in the future but that’s all it was, daydreaming.

A lot of love, humor, communication and compromises is always required.But I’m not currently dating anyone, nor do I plan to in the near future because I’m premed and very busy, not to mention that for the time being, I love having guys in my life as friends without the drama.If I do marry, I will marry a Catholic and raise my children Catholic.Once they had children, he started going to Mass with her and the kids.When his son was studying for his first Communion, he told my cousin that he wanted to be Catholic.

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