Park yoochun dating

Saranghae and God bless you waiting for yoochun's next drama. It's been a month since my short vacation in Seoul. Looking forward to watch your other drama this weekend oppa! I have missed the TVXQ concert in 20 because was still a student. I have watched you in Korean drama and alot of singing.. until now i watch it everyday & fell in love with the story & his character... who is a girl can't falling with a guy like that??? :) Real versatile....great singer and at the same time award winning actor.... One the best epic modern romance drama comedy tv series that I ever and more success YOUR HIGHNESS!!!

Keep positive don't mind those negativity leave them all behind and regain the "LIFE" that you love. Thank you sbs for recifnising Yoochun for his excellent potrayal of choi mu gak . I love watching k dramas and I regret not watching Park Yoo Chun's dramas sooner, i adore you oppa i fell inlove! I first watched him in the girl who can see smell but I 'am much more hooked with rooftop prince, watched the ending thrice already hehehe, his acting as a lover and the relationship in both dramas I mentioned seemed natural, expressive with no inhibitions, more mature. I hope to talk to you sometime.....................Yoo Chun ssi, can you please come to Malaysia? from then on, i watched every episode & even bought a dvd copy of the rooftop prince & watched it for 16 straight (sleepless)hours. love him since in TVXQ era, with cute face and husky voice, adam apple and collarbone, dimple. love all your drama, and Iam waiting for new JYJ album tooooo....

Fans who previously believed that the couple really split took this as a sign that they had started dating again.

First, couple Lee Da Hae – Park Yoochun of ‘Miss Ripley’ had romance rumors from the early stage of filming.

According to a broadcast staff, just like Park Yoochun had a crush on Lee Da Hae first in the drama, in fact the relationship between them two was not normal. Throughout the drama, such stories came into widespread, ‘It seems that they’re dating for real’, ‘Lee Da Hae side found out about their relationship and they intentionally tend to behave more harshly and prudishly (toward Park Yoochun)’.

The friend further explained that Ha Na felt burdened by the rumors about her.

"Miss Hwang said, 'There are too many groundless rumors about me.

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