Polygyny dating

A small advertisement over the weekend in the broadly circulated Shabbat Beshabato, a hand-out distributed in synagogues nationwide dealing with the weekly Torah portion and contemporary issues, quoted a paragraph from senior Sephardi adjudicator Rabbi Ovadia Yosef’s Yabi’a Omer treatise, in which he wrote that it is a mistake for non-Ashkenazim to follow Rabbeinu Gershom’s “stringency,” according to which it is prohibited for a man to marry more than one wife.Approximately 1,000 years ago, Rabbeinu Gershom of Mainz, Germany, issued resonating reforms on a variety of subjects pertaining to Jewish life, and those who transgressed them were liable to be socially excommunicated.Muslimah Ladies let's get it together Woman in Hijab Blessed Handmaidens of Yah and Yahoshua against the grain Yah's Purpose In Creating Woman Pt2 Embrace Polygyny Black men NATURE Who's In Charge Anyway?

As for Yosef’s adjudication quoted in the ad, “this was taken out of context.

The validity of Rabbeinu Gershom’s excommunication ban might have expired, but that doesn’t mean that polygamy is permitted,” Harrar said.“No rabbi would permit such a thing,” he said. “I am even less bothered by homosexual relations than such an instance in which a man takes two wives.

In a homosexual scenario there are two people who decide to live their life that way.

Stein said Habayit Hayehudi Hashalem’s initiative is not counter to the laws of the state.“You can legally marry a second woman, the same way the secular public figured out how to marry in Cyprus and then have it approved here.

Rabbis have found ways to enable such frameworks – otherwise we’d be inciting to a crime here,” he told the Post.

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