Rob kazinsky dating who

He's as scared, wary and worried about everything as she is. What kind of pressure did you feel when you learned you'd be playing one of Sookie's love interests? Everywhere he goes, vampires are trying to eat him. Kazinsky: I knew there would be a certain backlash from corners of the audience. So they're more like kin than perhaps she's found before. Given Sookie's past relationships, how will she react to the spark between them at first?

Their relationship started in 2010 but ended in 2011.

“It went on for a long time, and it was complete harassment.

I understand the fear that people have about coming forward about something like that, because especially as a man you feel like you should be able to handle a situation like that, but when you’re a young kid in this industry, you often can’t,” Robert said (via ). And men aren’t the only perpetrators of this crime.

Robert began his love life with stunning actress and model Laura Gold.

The brunette, Laura was Rob`s co-star in Sky One`s Soccer drama Dream Team as well as appeared in Robbie Williams`s video for Rock DJ.

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