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Clouds of black foam are clumping in gigantic globs, Norman Lamont-style, where I used to have normal arcs of facial hair. This is merely the first step in the uber-fashionable HD Brows treatment I am receiving, in a quest for striking, Cara Delevingne-inspired arches.

My own brows have always been a somewhat shapeless and nondescript shade of mouse, barely tweaked by tweezer and never touched by make-up, despite the amount of slap I habitually trowel on everywhere else. Now, however, my humble follicles are being tended by go-to eyebrow stylist Nilam Patel, who founded the HD Brows brand in 2008, and whose bespoke technique has seen celebrities trampling over one another for an appointment.

Nilam then starts step two, the custom-blended colouring, by cleansing my eyebrow area and decides on a medium ash brown, from around 100 available shades.

For the four minutes or so while the dye is on, I look like the lovechild of Groucho Marx and longtime Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev — and when Nilam wipes off the dye, the resulting brows are startlingly dark.

Two weeks ago she was spotted on the red carpet without the barely-there blonde arches which usually curved above her eyes.

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Former Miss Washington, Cassandra Searles (right) says he groped her while she took part in pageants He earlier apologized for them, admitting soberly: 'I was wrong.' The footage prompted dozens of senior GOP figures to withdraw their endorsements and support of him.

Hours before the 1992 Entertainment Tonight tape emerged on Wednesday, four women came forward to allege the 70-year-old had touched them inappropriately.

Jessica Leeds and Rachel Crooks both told The New York Times the businessman 'assaulted' them decades ago.

Leeds, now 74, claims he had his hands 'all over her like an octopus' during a 1980 flight to New York.

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