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Simply select the country from which you want your fax number to start with (currently only the U. and Canada are available), select your state or province and then select the area code of your choosing.These numbers are not listed alphabetically by city or country name, but rather numerically by the area code.When an employee calls to clock in for another employee, that’s called buddy-punching. I just need to give my co-worker my employee code and get paid while relaxing in my recliner. We can help stop buddy-punching with our Random Voice Verification (RVV) feature that’s available for employees who need to call to clock in, clock out. Stay tuned and stay in touch by following us on Facebook.Employee time theft can be prevented and it’s simple to do.

There is also a drop-down menu that displays your Metro Fax fax number, and gives you the option to add another number to send or receive faxes for an additional monthly charge of .95.The Value Plan offers 1,000 pages sent/received for .95/month (or .79/month with an annual subscription) and the Professional Plan is .95/month for up to 2,500 pages, also combined sent and received, or .96/month if you sign up for a year.If you go over your monthly plan allotment, each additional page you send or receive will cost 3¢/page.We recognize, however, that not all employees have smartphones, so you need a solution for the 33% who need to clock in by a phone call.The best practice in this case is for your employees to use a landline phone at your job site.

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