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Even though the descendants of these original settlers of the town migrated out of the town, the surname remains unchanged.As far as my understanding goes that NARMET seems to be a modified or corrupted form of the village name NARMETTA.go TOP : The Mudiraj people having surname BUKKA seems to the descendants of Bukkaraya, one of the founder king of Vijayanagar empire on the banks of Tungabhadra at Hampi.Mudiraj warrior clans and its variant valmikis and bunts were the backbone of Vijayanagar empire that sustained for about 300 years.Patwari reports to Tehsildar or a chief clerk of Tehsils land records.

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The Patwaris are equivalent to Karnams in Telugu Brahmin sect.

Many holders of the title now use Patwari as their family last name in Karnataka and a few other parts of South India. The peer of a patwari in Maharashtra and Karnataka is the talati.

go TOP : Narmet surname not belongs to Telugu Mudiraj community but also to Telugu Yadava community.

Narmetta = Nermeti Narmetta is a Mandal headquarters in Warangal District in Andhra Pradesh State in India .

It is believed that the God Rama (Devudu) has visited this place once and that is the reason why this village was also known as Devuni Narmetta.

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