Updating usb drivers xp

We recommend extracting the driver files to a folder on the Windows Desktop, as it is an easy place to remember and locate and can be easily removed after driver installation is complete.

Many computer and hardware manufacturers today are pre-packaging their drivers into executable files or have the drivers installed through the setup file.

Once the drive is connected to the computer, open Windows Explorer and then the drive letter for the computer drive.

For example, if you have a USB drive that is assigned the E: drive when connected, you would open the E: drive.

Links to all computer companies websites can be found on our computer drivers page.

If you are downloading drivers to install on another device, you can copy or extract the driver files to a USB flash drive and connect the USB drive to the other computer.

Also, make sure you are installing it for the version of Windows you are running on your computer.

Below is an example of how a file structure may look on your disc.

responsible for any damage to my equipment operation or loss of data as a result of this download.

If such a failure of the firmware re-writing results in your equipment not functioning normally, Icom Inc.

expressly denies and is free from any and all responsibility arising from the result of damage from such an event.

For example, the driver CD you receive with your printer likely contains the drivers for dozens of different printers and not just the printer you purchased.

When installing the drivers, make sure you are installing the drivers for your printer and not another printer model.

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