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Parental controls are there: As mentioned above for filtering chats, the Roblox app does have decent parental controls, assuming the parents set up the account and control log-in credentials.

Roblox does have several ways to see the history for certain account activities.

When logged into Roblox through a browser (not through the app), you can view the following histories: The Roblox App feels more like a 14 app.

The chat feature is a real problem area for grooming and predatory activity.

If a parent creates the account, and the user is under 13, parents can lock the birthday, and it cannot be changed.

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We also need volunteers to help with the cooking back at the marina after the fishing is done.Many of these kids have never fished, and most have never experienced being on a boat. All the children will be in the 7-13 year old age group and will be "hand picked" and carefully matched in terms of behavior and compatibility for an event such as this. There is a notable absence of anything that references the existence of sexualized content in the App Store description of the Roblox App.One could classify some of the avatars as extremely suggestive, if not borderline pornographic.

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