Volatile avoidant validating hostile Keralasex chat

These couples are not comfortable with strong-arm persuasion tactics. They become anxious at the thought of making active requests of one another, and prize mutuality and congruency as true emblems of happiness.

Volatile couples value their individuality and have a high need to feel free to express their disagreements since they see the point of contention as representative of where the partners differ from each other.

As a result of Gottman’s research in the love lab, he has categorized couples into five distinct types.

Three of the types he considers to be relatively successful and adaptive; are profoundly different from one another but are still able to keep a positive ratio of 5:1 in their emotional bank accounts, and can resist the temptation to slide into negative sentiment override (NSO). Conflict Avoidant Couples The functionality of Conflict Avoidant Couples is a matter of degree. They focus on areas of agreement and are most comfortable when areas of mutual agreement expand rather than contract.

Volatile Couples are entertained and energized by a good debate.

Gottman’s research says these couples love to mix it up, but they respect each other and express good will, even while they are passionately seeking to persuade.

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