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The Boers gave the area the name of Suffolk Hill in recognition of their courage.Back in Bury, January saw a rush to raise a Volunteer Company to go to the Cape.Meanwhile on 23rd March, the 2nd Volunteer Company left Bury for Capetown, where they arrived on April 14th. By September 1900 it was clear that the Receiver who was managing the Eastern Counties Navigation and Transport Company Limited, had decided to throw in the towel.He had been unable to raise more capital, and began to sell off the assets.In Bury St Edmunds it was decided to celebrate the occasion along with the Queen's birthday on 24th May, and the Mayor had to quickly get arrangements made for a School holiday and a half day shop and business closure.Bury was home to about 16,000 people, and building continued to be needed to house them. A good builder might make £10 profit on a house sold for £100. Houses were largely built in pairs, or small terraces, like the pair of grandly named "villas" illustrated here in Hospital Road.Walter Greene had been defeated when he tried to become MP for North West Suffolk in 1891, but this time he was unopposed.This was fortunate for him, as he was not to prove much of a politician. At Bury the locals were proud to say that the streets and public buildings would soon be lit by electricity as the works, which belonged to the corporation, were completed in 1900.

The Suffolks' first battle was to assault Red Hill near Colesburg in January 1900 with heavy losses.

In 1900 some 10 carrier's wagons used it as the base to and from the villages on market days.

The Castle was an inn next to Moyse's Hall, with a sizeable yard in Brentgovel Street.

In the first few months the British suffered many reverses.

Patriotism ran high in these days of Empire, and Queen Victoria sent consignments of chocolate to the troops wishing them a Happy New Year for January 1st, 1900.

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    The Boers gave the area the name of Suffolk Hill in recognition of their courage.

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    The Boers gave the area the name of Suffolk Hill in recognition of their courage.